Strike Eagle 1-6×24 AR-BDC Reticle


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STRIKE EAGLE® 1-6X24 RIFLESCOPEnSpeed and versatility—that’s what 1x variable optics offer AR shooters who need to engage targets from point-blank out to extended ranges. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get with Vortex’s new Strike Eagle 1-6 x 24. Take into consideration what it costs to get into this optic, and you may find you can’t afford not to buy it.nWhether you’re burning through a 3-Gun Stage, logging some range time, or holding for hair on a coyote you’ve duped into thinking you’re lunch, the Strike Eagle is up to the task. High-quality, fully multi-coated lenses deliver a clear, crisp sight picture and optimal low-light performance. A true one-power on the low end of its 6x zoom range provides quick target acquisition in close quarters scenarios. Need to engage targets at distance? Crank it up to 6x and let it rip.nDual use for Shooting Tactical / HuntingnnnMagnificationt1-6 xnObjective Lens Diametert24 mmnEye Relieft3.5 inchesnField of Viewt116.5-19.2 feet/100 yardsnTube Sizet30 mmnTurret StyletCappednAdjustment Graduationt1/2 MOAnTravel per Rotationt44 MOAnMax Elevation Adjustmentt140 MOAnMax Windage Adjustmentt140 MOAnParallax Settingt100 yardsnLengtht10.5 inchesnWeightt17.6 ounces